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About the Economic Analysis

and Research Network (EARN)

The Economic Analysis and Research Network (EARN) is a network of state and regional multi-issue research, policy, and advocacy organizations. The network currently includes 61 organizations in 44 states, and 26 national partners. EARN is coordinated by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) and works with a broad range of other national organizations.

EARN’s mission is to improve the lives of Americans through state and local policy, and change the nature of the national policy debate—state by state. EARN seeks to advance progressive policy at the state and regional level, to deliver important national messages, and to use the collective capacity of its organizations to develop new ideas and strategies.

Advancing Policy in the States. EARN groups affect policy through research and analysis, media outreach and legislative advocacy—and by providing information and support to coalition partners.

Engaging on National Issues. EARN groups effectively communicate national messages in their states. They analyze national issues from a local perspective and communicate with the credibility and authenticity of a trusted local source.

Ideas and Strategy. EARN harnesses the creativity, expertise and savvy of EARN groups to operate as a large collective think tank capturing the best ideas and strategies from the state level. One channel through which these and other progressive groups across the nation communicate is the EARNlist, a listserv. To sign up for this listserv, click here.

EARN staff at EPI support and organize EARN members in all these areas through coordinated campaigns, technical assistance, conferences and meetings, collaborative research and analysis, testimony and media appearances.