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Recent EARN reports:

The Sorry State of Corporate Taxes
Citizens for Tax Justice, February 2014

The Impact of Minimum Wage Increase on Wisconsin Families
Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS), February 2014

PA Among 'Increasingly Unequal' State of America
Keystone Research Center (PA), February 2014

Measuring Economic Well-being: Why GDP is the Wrong Metric
Colorado Fiscal Institute, Jauary 2014

Recovery or Bust: Geogia's Poor Left Behind
Georgia Budget & Policy Institute, December 2013

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ALICE (the American Legislative and Issue Campaign Exchange)
A one-stop, web-based, public library of progressive law on a wide range of issues in state and local policy.

State of Working ... Reports
A compilation of reports created by EARN groups to describe economic conditions in their states and make policy recommendations.

Building the Middle Class
A source for essential information, research, and analysis about the core set of public policies, programs, and fiscal choices that underpin a strong middle class.

State Employment/Unemployment Indicators
Monthly Analysis of the Bureau of Labor Statistics' states employment report.

Distressed States
A series of briefs describing the economic challenges facing many states.

Stimulus in the States
Links and resources about the recovery plan and how states are using the funds.

A comprehensive, independent analysis
of the U.S. labor market